“The garden of earthly delights” is a project that consists of two segments. The first one is an extended pictoric piece and the second one is a “happening” that opens on inauguration day with activities around the exhibition.

The pictoric part consist of two assembled canvases, 5m x 2.5m and 3.5m x 2.5 meters each. This piece presents itself as a big scenario, a panoramic painting. It’s a piece in constant expansion. By constant expansion I mean that at each showing the piece grows with new canvases added each time. This element of the project is thought as a way to describe, having Bosco’s work in mind, a great sexual landscape that fuels from botanics and a sexualized fauna for the creation of a great narrated contra-expedition. The first edition includes fauna and flora from the peruvian coast.

The “happening” part consists of approx 15 people among couples, gender diverse people, and people of different sexual practices). Usually my projects tend to habilitate spaces for interaction and gathering of the public, turning them into protagonists of the project itself. This happening consists of the action of having sex and/or masturbating inside ventilated latex bags, turning themselves into live sculptures which the spectator can only perceive as movement patterns, contortions, moans, silhouettes, self-satisfaction, confusion, a break…

The expo is presented as a big scenario. I have created a garden, a park, a room for the kids to play. The garden of delights is the extreme seduction, where the intimate space is offered as an oniric landscape. It’s the enjoyment of challenging intimate space towards public space. It’s the enjoyment of a landscape thats smells of sex, where the forms are outlined, where desire and prudeness are questioned.

Installation view at the Amano Museum
Oil on canvas
Peru, 2020

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